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So appreciate your understanding and kindness the day of my appointment. You are not only a wonderful massage therapist but you know how to connect to your clients and show them you really care. I will be sharing your expertise with my friends.
Carol Gibson
Great group class! Wish it could be more than once a week. It is fun, yet a good all-body workout. I have noticed the difference in my strength and flexibility in a short time. Love it!
You have all the traits of a great fitness instructor and will be missed [at Marsh Creek]. Even as the class is compressed into a tiny space after the hurricane, you have solved the space challenge and adjusted the program to achieve maximum energy from the class. You are always positive, laughing and motivating the group to keep up the pace. I appreciate your well chosen music…Thanks for the gentle corrections to my routine and especially the praise when I get it right. All the best.
Adrienne Lyons
Thank you for the great class. I enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you for instructions on proper use of the strength training machines in the gym.
Dottie, 65
The senior class Vickie teaches offers a variety of exercises, which has been beneficial in improving my flexibility and toning. Every week, I look forward to attending group class, Vickie makes it fun and time goes by too quickly!
Vickie did a presentation at the Florida Deaf and Blind school in 2012 for the facility. She demonstrated how effective exercising in a chair can be. Vickie made it so enjoyable that half way through the presentation staff that did not want to participate where laughing and joining in the fun. The staff enjoyed it so much she came back to do another presentation for the new academic year.
Eyvolle PamphilleEducation and Training Specialist
Thanks Vickie! With your help over the past year I was able to drop 32 pounds and gain unlimited self-confidence. Your 30 minute circuit training is my favorite time of the week. I look forward to continue working with you to lose the next 30 pounds, thanks again!
Vickie gives a great chair massage. I had a pain in my shoulder that had been nagging me for some time. She worked on that area enough to diminish the pain while relaxing me at the same time. When I got up I was amazed at how good my shoulder felt. Thanks Vickie.
Vickie Melton creatively makes a workout fun while motivating me to physically workout to my max. Together we have set my goals which she helps me achieve through challenging routines. I recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone who is serious about pursuing physical fitness and wellness.
I have been working with Vickie twice a week for 3 months now and love it. Vickie continues to give me encouragement and pushes me to reach my potential each workout. She makes sure that no one in the class is experiencing any discomfort before class begins and that each exercise is being done properly. She truly illustrates her compassion for what she does and is a great teacher. Vickie has given me the inspiration and desire to continue exercising outside of class.
Working with Vickie really made a difference! Just when I thought I couldn’t do something, there was Vickie showing me that I could. Having someone to push you and direct you is the very best way to reach your goals.
I have been working with Vickie Melton as my personal trainer for the past two months. Since Vickie and I began working together I have seen improvements in both strength and endurance. Vickie came to my home and really took the time to get to know me and to clarify my goals. She laid out a plan, using her expertise to incorporate both the things that were important to me as well as movements she knew would be beneficial for me. She changed it up over time to keep the sessions interesting and challenging. Vickie has a very gentle and encouraging way of working that makes me want to do my best. She pushes me to my limits without making me feel pushed or stressed. In a short time I have improved enough that I am now able to attend some classes and not be left behind. If you are looking for a personal trainer who will help you reach your highest potential, give Vickie a call. You will not be disappointed.
I’m a ‘senior’, in good health and just celebrated 100 years on the planet! Vickie’s classes are clear, consistent, and charged with strengthening workouts, even I can do well, and happily! I feel good after each session. If I can do it, so can you!  
I love having Vickie come to MY home to give me a massage. She is always prompt and professional. She offers all the amenities of a private salon without the inconvenience of travel. After a relaxing massage you are already in the comfort of your own home.
Working with Vickie did wonders for my self-image. I exercised with her 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes. I became stronger, happier and more confident. My cloths fit better and I have a ton of energy. She made the workouts fun and always changed them. I was able to do a push-up for the first time in my life! I would recommend Vickie anyone of any age or fitness level.
Versatile, full body workouts are comprehensive, gentle but very strengthening! Exercises are tailored to your body’s needs.  Forget physical therapy appointments: go to Vickie’s strengthening classes!
I wanted you to know that you should be very proud of your ladies.  We managed to continue coming to Silver Sneakers class 3 times a week after you left and had a number of “leaders” who just got in front of the class and we yelled out stuff to do!!  We now have a very young woman (21) who is really trying to fit our needs.  She welcomes suggestions and came prepared the first class even though her background is dance.  She says she is amazed at how strong our group is.  One day she might reach your level of skill but you are THE BEST.  You always have a positive attitude, you are very knowledgeable and you seem to always enjoy yourself too!!  I am wishing you the best and I know you will be successful at whatever you do.  
Dee, 68

For all ages!


Vickie offers group training for virtually anyone from age 10-102! 

Group Fitness

Group Fitness offers a variety of exercises for ALL fitness levels. Fit2Go4It makes fitness FUN, with a certified instructor and motivating music to help YOU find the zone.

Girlfriend bootcamp (40)Benefits of Group Fitness

  • Improve flexibility, strength, balance, and cardiovascular health
  • Decrease stress and improve mood and energy
  • Increase accountability, consistency and camaraderie
  • Increase motivation

Starting at $40/session


 Where does the training take place?

My clients are from the surrounding Hernando, Florida area. I bring the gym to you! As a mobile based fitness company, I can train in the comforts of your own home; whether it's in your backyard, garage, or living room. We can also train at your local park or beach. I will find the best solution for your group!

 Cancellation Policy | Fit2Go4It understands that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In the desire to be effective and fair to all clients, the following policy will be honored: 24 hour advance notice is required when canceling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to give 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the $20 of your appointment. This amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.

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Group Training
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Wanda on Group Training
Group Fitness

Vickie brings so much energy and enthusiasm to every class. She goes the extra mile to make each person feel like they are important and she wants us to achieve our fitness goals right along side her. Love all her classes. We are blessed to have her!

by Patty Jefferson on Group Training
The Best of the Best

Vickie is an excellent trainer. I have been training with her for a year now. She gives us the perfect combination of tough ("you are KILLING me!") and positive (" Ladies, you are doing SO good"). Vickie adapts her group training to meet the needs of all of her ladies. She works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally and physically (goodbye stress). Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, and most importantly, working out is fun. Her infectious personality makes me want to exercise.

by Sara on Group Training
Group classes

I have known and worked with Vickie for over two years. She is the consummate professional. Her classes are well structured and adaptable to various levels of fitness. Vickie keeps an eye on the entire room to make sure people are in the correct position and using the correct weights. It is amazing how she can mix up the class to make sure all muscle groups are worked in any given week while keeping it fun and interesting. It is amazing to me that she can remember everyone’s name which goes a long way in making people feel welcome.

by Marcia McAfee on Group Training
Dependable and a Hard Worker

My physical well-being and overall health have benefitted in the last year because of Vickie Melton's professional instruction...She is highly qualified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Vickie Melton is dependable and an incredibly hard worker. She is always on time, prepared with an exercise plan and never absent..She is an enthusiastic instructor and I highly recommend her!

by Adrienne Lyons on Group Training
Always positive, laughing and motivating

You [Vickie] have all the traits of a great fitness instructor and will be missed [at Marsh Creek]. Even as the class is compressed into a tiny space after the hurricane, you have solved the space challenge and adjusted the program to achieve maximum energy from the class. You are always positive, laughing and motivating the group to keep up the pace. I appreciate your well chosen music…Thanks for the gentle corrections to my routine and especially the praise when I get it right. All the best.

by Donna Crandall on Group Training
Fitness & Balance Class

Vickie, you are a true professional. Your group classes at Marsh Creek CC are excellent. Although I have only been attending for a short time I have increased my strength. You also have a great knowledge of the exercise machines and convey that in such a way that I feel confident I can use them properly. I highly recommend your classes.

by Marla on Group Training
Great Group Training

Vicki - I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your classes at Marsh Creek. You are a great coach and trainer. Hands down the best I've experienced!! I look forward to continuing ... when I return from summer in West Virginia.

by Brenda on Group Training

Vicky designs creative ever-changing routines that provide challenge for all ability levels. Her instruction is clear and sequenced to make it easy to attain success while helping you understand which specific muscle groups are being engaged. Most of all she makes it fun, and inspires a sense of confidence. It's the best hour of my week! Thank you!